Synthetic Cannabinoid Research and Public Health Information

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Tox Box

Standard Operating Procedures   
Method Validation Plans
Metabolic Standards        
Detection Systems 


Federal Regulations


78 FR 664        

State Regulations

Arkansas State Statutes    

Cannabinoid Receptor Binding and Activation Data

        K2 Synthetic Cannabinoid Database

        Law Enforcement Brochure on K2 and Bath Salts

General Public Health Information and Advisories

General Public Health Information Related to Synthetic Cannabinoids and Other Designer Drugs

2011 AR Senate Hearing Bath Salts

Arkansas Department of Health Advisory        

Arkansas Department of Health Advisory Expanded    

Arkansas Department of Health Memo (Bath Salts)        

2012 AAHP Fall Seminar Handout    

Links to Educational Seminars
        Addressing Clinical and Regulatory Issues Related to K2 Use in Arkansas    

    Schedule of Educational Conferences
        Arkansas Coroner’s Symposium 2013