Singh Laboratory

Research Team

Sharda SinghSharda P. Singh, Ph.D. (Principal Investigator)

Dr. Singh received his PhD from Central Drug Research Institute, India. He has training in molecular biology, protein chemistry and biochemical pharmacology. Given the importance and prevalence of doxorubicin (DOX) as a chemotherapeutic agent, studies in his lab are focused to attenuate DOX-induced cardiotoxicity by activating protective mechanisms with non-toxic sulforaphane (SFN) and its derivatives. These studies explore a novel cellular mechanism by which SFN promotes PGAM5-dependent Nrf2 activation to induce cardioprotection from DOX toxicity without compromising anti-cancer activity in vivo. This study will establish a mechanistic basis for using novel therapeutics, such as SFN, to protect the human heart from the harmful effects of cardiotoxic drugs and other forms of oxidative and electrophilic stress.


Past Team Members

Vetriselvan PPVetriselvan Manavalan, Ph.D (Research Assistant)

Dr. Vetriselvan received his PhD from University of Madras, Tamil Nadu, India. He has training in Molecular biology and Biochemistry. He left Dr. Singh’s lab in 2016 for a Postdoctoral Fellowship at University of South Florida.