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Nancy J. Rusch

Professor and Chair


Mayo Clinic, 1983

Research Interests
Calcium and potassium channels conduct Ca2+ and K+ ions, respectively, across the surface membrane of vascular muscle cells. Abnormalities in these channels trigger contraction of small arteries resulting in high blood pressure (hypertension). The goal of our laboratory is to discover abnormalities of ion channel expression and composition that contribute to systemic and pulmonary hypertension, and identify channel-based therapies to treat these diseases. We employ a multi-faceted approach of patch-clamp, molecular, cellular and in-vivo techniques to accomplish this goal. 

Selected Publications

Tobin AA, Joseph BK, Albarwani S, Al-Kindi HN, Madden JA, Nemetz LT, Rusch NJ, Rhee SW. Loss of Shaker-type, voltage-gated Kv1 channels contributes to enhanced crebrovascular tone in hypertensive rats. Am J Physiol, (in press).

Ahmed BA, Bukhari IA, Jeffus BC, Harney JT, Thyparambil S, Ziu E, Fraer M, Rusch NJ, Zimniak P, Lupashin V, Tang D, Kilic F. The cellular distribution of serotonin transporter is impeded on serotonin-altered vimentin network. PLoS ONE [Electronic Resource], 4(3):e4730, 2009.

Marsh JD, Telemaque S, Rhee SW, Stimers JR, Rusch NJ. Delivery of ion channel genes to treat cardiovascular diseases. Trans Am Clin Climatol Assn, 119:171-182; discussion 182-3, 2008.

Hirenallur-S DK, Chang J, Hernandez G, Gordon JB, Rusch NJ. Upregulation of vascular calcium channels in neonatal piglets with hypoxia-induced pulmonary hypertension. Am J Physiol, 295:915-924, 2008.

Telemaque S, Sonkusare S, Grain T, Rhee SW, Stimers JR, Rusch NJ, Marsh JD. Design of mutant β subunits as decoy molecules to reduce the expression of functional Ca2+ channels in cardiac cells. J Pharm Exp Ther, 325:37-46, 2008.

Joseph BK, Rhee SW, Hirenallur DK, Rusch NJ. Potassium channels in vascular smooth muscle: Structure, function and experimental interventions. New Frontiers in Smooth Muscle Biology and Physiology, J.-P. Savineau (ed), Research Signpost, pp. 173-194, 2007.

Bryan RM, Joseph BK, Lloyd E, Rusch NJ. Starring TREK-1: The next generation of vascular K+ channels (invited editorial). Circ Res, 101:1-3, 2007.

Sonkusare S, Fraer M, Marsh JD, Rusch NJ. Disrupting calcium channel expression to lower blood pressure: New targeting of a well known channel. Molecular Interventions, 6:304-310, 2006.

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