Galen R. Wenger, Ph.D.

Galen R. Wenger, Ph.D.Professor
Phone: 501-686-8040
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Ph.D. – West Virgina University , 1971

Research Interests

My laboratory studied drug effects on aspects of cognitive function in laboratory animals. Most recently, this work included examining the relationship between substance abuse and learning and memory. This included looking at the relationship of alcohol preference and cognitive function in rats that had been selectively bred to exhibit a high alcohol to water preference or a low alcohol to water preference. This project asked the question of whether or not cognitive function influenced the well documented alcohol preference or non-preference in the selectively bred rats. The laboratory also examined cognitive function in a mouse model of Down syndrome. The goals of this project were to fully document the cognitive phenotype of this mouse model and to examine the ability of drugs that have are used clinically in the treatment of human cognitive disorders such as Alzheimer’s disease.


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