Jeffery H. Moran, Ph.D.

Jeffery H. Moran, Ph.D.Assistant Professor
Branch Chief, Division of Environmental Chemistry
Arkansas Department of Health
Phone: 501-681-2826
Fax: 501-686-8970


Ph.D. –  University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences, 2001

Research Interests

My passion for applying new analytical techniques to enhance our knowledge of toxicological mechanisms was evident early in my career. I began my toxicological training as an undergraduate in 1994 and published my first article in 1996, which reported a new analytical technique to detect cell death. Since this date, my career has focused on the detection and mechanisms of environmental toxicants, endogenous molecules and xenobiotics. After obtaining my Ph.D. in 2001, I learned business management skills as a toxicological consultant, but I quickly realized my scientific passion was to promote public health by applying hypothesis-driven research. I am now very fortunate to have had this opportunity for nearly 10 years as the Branch Chief for Environmental Chemistry at the Arkansas Department of Health (ADH).

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Recent Research Support

Ongoing Research Support
2U90TP616974-11 CDC   (Co-I)  (08/01/11 – 08/31/17)
“Public Health Emergency Preparedness Cooperative Agreement”

1U18FD005509-01 USFDA   (Co-I)  (09/01/15 – 08/31/20)
“FDA FERN Cooperative Agreement Program”

R01 DA039143 NIH/NIDA   (Co-I)  (04/01/16 – 03/31/21)
“Synthetic cannabinoid toxicity: role of biotransformation”

Recently Completed Research Support
FDA RFA-FD-10-003   (PI)  (07/01/11 – 08/31/15)
“Expansion and Enhancement of the Arkansas FERN Chemistry Laboratory”

NIH/NCBI R01 DK079008  (PI)  (07/01/09 – 07/31/14)
“Oxygen/nitrogen Species in Acetaminophen Toxicity”

FDA     1 U18FD003639-01 (07/01/09 – 07/01/11)
“Enhancing Analytical Capacity for Food Surveillance and Emergency Response”

Association of Public Health Laboratories/CDC Training Fellowship (8/01/09 – 07/31/10)
“Developing analytical capacity for smoking biomonitoring programs”

Association of Public Health Laboratories/CDC Training Fellowship (8/01/07 – 07/31/09)
“Warfarin Research Support”

Association of Public Health Laboratories/CDC Training Fellowship (8/01/06 – 07/31/07)
“Developing analytical capacity for assessing human exposures to rodenticides”


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