MacMillan-Crow Laboratory

Research Team

MacMillan-Crow Group picture

Lee Ann MacMillan-Crow, Ph.D.Lee Ann MacMillan-Crow, Ph.D. (Principal Investigator)

Dr. MacMillan-Crow received her PhD (Pharmacology/Toxicology) from the University of Alabama at Birmingham in 1994 and moved to UAMS in 2003. She has served as primary mentor to 10 graduate students and served on 18 dissertation committees.




Stephen ShrumStephen Shrum, B.S. (Ph.D. Candidate)

Stephen Shrum received his B.S. in Biochemistry & Molecular Biology from Hendrix College May 2014. He is a third year graduate student in the Interdisciplinary Biomedical Sciences program and is under the co-mentorship of Dr. MacMillan-Crow and Dr. Rusch since June 2015. He is currently researching on the role of the mitochondrial BK channel in renal cold storage injury. Stephen is a former trainee in the Systems Pharmacology and Toxicology T32 (SPaT) Training Program.



Julia Tobacyk, B.S.Julia Tobacyk, B.S. (Ph.D. Candidate)

Julia Tobacyk received her B.S. in Biological Science and Chemistry from Louisiana Tech University May 2014. She is a third year graduate student in the Pharmacology program and is mentored by Dr. MacMillan-Crow. Julia is a trainee in the Systems Pharmacology and Toxicology T32 (SPaT) Training Program.




Past Graduates

Naeem Patil, Ph.D. with faculty membersNaeem Patil, Ph.D.

Naeem Patil, a recent graduate, was mentored by Dr. Mayeux and Dr. MacMillan-Crow. His research was funded by an AHA Predoctoral Fellowship to study the role of superoxide and Mn-superoxide dismutase in sepsis-induced renal injury.





Tanecia Mitchell, Ph.D.Tanecia Mitchell, Ph.D.

Tanecia Mitchell, shown with Dr. MacMillan-Crow, received her Ph.D. in 2011 and is now a postdoctoral fellow at UA Birmingham in the laboratory of Dr. Victor Darley-Usmar. She is a trainee on the Institutional Training grant focused on kidney related research.





Akira Marine, J.D., Ph.D.Akira Marine, J.D., Ph.D.

Dr. Marine is a graduate of the Interdisciplinary Toxicology Program. She received her Ph.D. in March 2014 after successfully defending her research project “Mitochondrial Biogenesis following Maganese Superoxide Dismutase Knockdown.”