Parajuli’s Laboratory

Research Team

ParajuliNirmala Parajuli, DVM, Ph.D. (Principal Investigator)

My long-term goal is to develop therapeutic strategies to prolong the viability of cold-storage kidneys used for transplantation. To accomplish this, I am focusing on identifying the cold-storage related pathways that are responsible for inducing renal damage following transplantation using a rat model. Specifically, I have chosen to focus now on how the complement system, molecular chaperone, and proteasome pathway converge to exacerbate renal damage following cold storage plus transplantation. Our hypothesis is that altered protein degradation pathway and malfunction of molecular chaperone leads to renal damage during renal cold storage and transplantation. As a collaborator, I am helping Dr. MacMillan-Crow to study the molecular mechanisms that disrupt mitochondrial dynamics during renal cold storage and transplantation using our rat kidney transplant model. Our hypothesis is that increased mitochondrial fragmentation leads to renal damage during renal cold storage and transplantation.


Sorena LoSorena Lo, B.S. (Research Technician)

Sorena Lo has worked in this lab since November 2016.  Her responsibilities include performing quantitative and qualitative analyses for Sham and transplant samples, and maintaining and conducting cold storage treatment experiments to NRK cell.