Philip T. Palade, Ph.D.

Philip T. Palade, Ph.D.Professor
Phone: 501-526-4757
Fax: 501-686-5510


University of Pennsylvania, 1976

Research Interests

The principal current research interest in my laboratory involves investigating gene expression changes that occur in certain organs in several different rat models of hypertension.  We wish to identify genes that may contribute to hypertension as well as those that are regulated by high blood pressure.  The former group might suggest new targets for lowering blood pressure therapeutically.  We hope to develop a database that will be useful to other hypertension investigators.

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Recent Research Support

Completed Research

NIH R01HL095846  (01/01/10 – 11/30/14)
“MicroRNA to Decrease Vascular CaV1.2 in Hypertension”


Bose C, Yadav S, Singhal SS, Singhal J, Hindle A, Lee J, Cheedell NKS, Rehman S, Rahman RL, Jone C, Darden M, Palade P, Berz D, Singh S, Awasthi S.
Rlip Depletion Suppresses Growth of Breast Cancer. Cancers. 12(6): E1446. Doi: 10.3390/2020. PMID: 32498332

Dai Y, Palade P, Wang X, Mercanti F, Ding Z, Dai D, Mehta JL.  High Fat Diet Causes Renal Fibrosis in LDLr-null Mice via MAPK-NF-κB Pathway Mediated by Ox-LDL.  J Cardiovasc Pharmacol. 63(2): 158-166, 2014. PMID: 24220312

Dai Y, Khaidakov M, Wang X, Ding Z, Su W, Price E, Palade P, Chen M, Mehta JL. MicroRNAs Involved in the Regulation of Post-Ischemic Myocardial Fibrosis.  Hypertension. 61(4): 751-756; 2013. PMID: 23381794

Krishna A. Valderrabano M, Palade PT, Clark JW Jr. Rate-dependent Ca2+ signalling underlying the force-frequency response in rat ventricular myocytes: A coupled electromechanical modeling study.  Theor Biol Med Model. DOI: 10.1186/1742-4682-10-54, 2013. PMID: 24020888

Krishna A, Valderrabano M, Palade PT, Clark JW, Jr. Multiphysics model of a rat ventricular myocyte:  A voltage-clam study.  Theor Biol Med Model. 9(1):48: 1-40; 2012. PMID: 23171697

Wang W, Pang L, Palade P.   Angiotensin II upregulates CaV1.2 protein expression in cultured arteries via endothelial H2O2 production.  J. Vasc. Res. 48: 67-78; 2011. PMID: 20639649

Krishna A, Sun L, Valderrabanno M, Palade PT, Clark JW, Jr.   Modelling CICR in rat ventricular myocytes:  Voltage clamp studies.  Theor Biol Med Model. 7: 43 (1-66); 2010. PMID: 21062495

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