Yuet-Kin “Ricky” Leung, Ph.D.


Yuet-Kin “Ricky” Leung, Ph.D., is an Associate Professor. Dr. Leung received his doctorate in biochemistry from The Chinese University of Hong Kong in 2001 and completed his postdoctoral fellowship at the University of Massachusetts Medical School, where his research focused on the contribution of estrogen receptor beta to prostate cancer.

Dr. Leung began his faculty career as an Assistant Professor in the Division of Environmental Genetics and Molecular Toxicology, Department of Environmental Health, at the University of Cincinnati College of Medicine in 2005, rising to the rank of tenure-track Associate Professor. He directed the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences-funded Integrative Technologies Support Core of the Center for Environmental Genetics at University of Cincinnati. Dr. Leung is an established investigator in the field of hormone regulation of cancer and is an expert on the developmental origin of cancer risk and the impact of environmental estrogens/endocrine disruption on epigenetics reprogramming. He is a full member of the American Association for Cancer Research and is Co-investigator on two National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences-funded projects.