SimeonSimeon Simmons

Rising Junior at University Central of Arkansas
From: Little Rock, Arkansas
Major: Bioengineering
Advisor: William Fantegrossi, Ph.D.

Simeon’s research interests are in the field of bioengineering, specifically molecular and cellular engineering.


Paloma SalazarPaloma Salazar

Rising Senior at the University of Arkansas, Little Rock
From: Little Rock, Arkansas
Major:  Chemistry
Advisor: Lisa Brents, Ph.D.

Paloma’s has been broadly interested in the application of chemical principles to various fields. She has previously worked on a renewable energy project, but hopes to start focusing her research towards medicine and human health.


Steven Angtuaco

Rising Junior at Washington University St. Louis
From: Little Rock, Arkansas
Major:  Biology
Advisor: Alexei Basnakian, Ph.D.

Steven dreams of researching cellular signaling (both with human and artificial signals. He has previously discovered and annotated the genome of bacteriophage Bmoc as part of the SEA-Phages program and now hopes to start focusing his research towards entities everyone agrees are alive.

David DavilaDavid Davila

Rising Junior at University of Miami
From: Little Rock, Arkansas
Major: Biology
Advisor: Eric Peterson, Ph.D.

David’s research interests encompass topics such as molecular genetics and gene therapy, structural biochemistry in drug design and infections disease.



CameronCameron Tilley

Rising Sophomore at University of Arkansas at Fayetteville
From: Little Rock, Arkansas
Major: Bio Anthropology
Advisor: Eric Peterson, Ph.D.

Cameron’s research focuses on molecular biology and how antibodies, proteins and nanotechnology can all be engineered to help benefit human health. His research focuses on drug use and abuse and how it can be curtailed.



Everette Martin

Rising Junior at Rhodes College
From: Hot Springs, Arkansas
Major: Biology
Advisor: Amanda Stolarz, Pharm.D., Ph.D.

Everette is open to all types of research.



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